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I have toshiba laptop with DVD-RAM.
Problem is: From HDD any films, mp3 cet. going fine, from DVD very bad
It's in PIO mode, and everything looks good.
What can be wrong? Have I put it to servis?


Re: toshiba DVD-RAM

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I don't know if your problem is similar to mine.
You should check for any updates on the Toshiba website for the display
driver for your model.
I have ATI.
I have found differences between DVD-Video playback from the DVD drive and
from the HDD.
It is a mystery to me.  The display driver update improved some things.
I have abandoned WinDVD because it cannot play DVD-Video properly.
I use Media Player Classic for some uses.  For proper DVD viewing I use
The issue has something to do with the display hardware/software.
I use PowerDVD without any hardware acceleration and it goes good.
It can go well with hardware acceleration, but the de-interlacing mode must
be chosen
out of the 3 or so options available.  3 of them are just letters and number
strings like registry entries.
I am not yet comfortable in trying to watch it yet for a long time with
hardware acceleration on.
Also, with PowerDVD I must turn off some processes and one of the Norton
services to minimize annoying slight stutters.
They are the ones being busy while watching a DVD, but having nothing to do
with it.
They include things on the taskbar.
I wonder if the new fangled display hypermemory has flaws in working
properly with the optical drive.
Left for service nothing was discovered.
I don't know about having PIO mode?  Shouldn't that be DMA?

Re: toshiba DVD-RAM

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I done it, but... it is not this problem.
So I used LiveCD linux geexbox to see if it is hardware or software
problem. On liveCD everything was great.

Finnaly I used recovery CD and now everythin going fine. So It was
windows problem.


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