Toshiba DNI Update Utility Woes Solved!

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Like so many others here, I also had the "Wrong Machine" message when
I tried to use my original Toshiba Laptop recovery CD's, and I also
downloaded the free DNI Update Utility from Toshiba (http:// and
ran it.  But then when I rebooted and tried the recovery CD's again,
same problem ("Wrong Machine").

Well, I found out why: when you run the DNI Update Utility, you get a
prompt to eject the CD (or diskette) and restart the computer.  I have
discovered that you CANNOT do a hard restart (i.e., hold down the
power button until the computer shuts down) or you will nuke the
results of having run the DNI Update.  Instead, after ejecting use
CNTRL-ALT-DELETE to do a software restart.  Then, once Windows has
booted, you will find that the computer recognizes your recovery CD's
as being appropriate for your machine.

My guess is that something about a hard restart prevents the DNI
string update from being stored (or, possibly, the string is not
permanently updated period, but using a software restart instead of a
hard restart preserves the update long enough for you to run your
recovery CD).

If you've been having this problem, give the above method a try.  Good


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