Toshiba Class Action

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Toshiba Class Action

                Thank you for contacting Green Welling LLP for
information about the class action against Toshiba America Information
Systems regarding the A70, A75, M30X and M35X Satellite notebook

Toshiba Class Action Status Update and Recommended Action

            Although two class actions are on file (including ours), we
recommend you file an individual lawsuit in an effort to expedite your
claims and protect your interests. We make this recommendation because
even though Toshiba says it reached a proposed settlement, nothing has
been presented to us or the court.  Meanwhile, we cannot advance our
case and you are left waiting indefinitely for an unknown resolution.
It could be six months or more before you see tangible results from
those talks. By offering the opportunity to bring an individual
lawsuit, we provide you the opportunity to control your own destiny.
You will be able to make litigation and settlement decisions for
yourself and you will have access to advice and assistance from

            We are prepared to do the work and advance the costs for
this effort. If you wish to file a lawsuit as an individual, we request
you read the attached retainer agreement. If you agree to its terms,
enter your name on the first page, sign it on the last page and return
it (by Federal Express, mail or .pdf) so we can start working on this
for you. Our representation will be on a contingency basis, meaning we
get paid only if you win, and even then, we will first seek our fees
and costs directly from Toshiba as allowable by law.

            Additionally, whether you decide to pursue your claim as an
individual or as part of the class, it would be helpful to the case if
you provide us copies of your sales receipt, any service related
documents, the warranty, extended warranty, the computer's serial
number and a photo copy of the bottom of your Toshiba computer.

How to Contact Us

            If you have any questions about our recommendation of an
individual lawsuit, the retainer agreement, or other matters, please
call us at 1-888-610-4768 or respond to this email with questions and
we will get back to you. You may also refer to our website at for additional information on this and other
consumer related matters. Thank you for your time and consideration,
and we look forward to working with you

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