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My son's Toshiba Satellite 1410-173 stopped working with its AC adapter.  He
said it would work on battery power, but not AC.  Of course he ran down the
battery, so I couldn't verify this when he brought me the laptop.  This has
a power adapter of 15 volts 5 amps.  If I remember correctly, that would be
75 watts.

I tried to use a Targus with tip #6, but no indicator lights lit up.  The
Targus package said up 80 watts, but the adapter itself said up to 65 watts.
Which is more likely:

1.  The Targus wasn't powerful enough and I should get more wattage.
2.  The power connector on the mother board is dead and I should start
shopping for a new laptop.

After reading some of the comments in this newsgroup, I sadly think #2 is
more likely.


Re: Toshiba AC adapter

Quite right, Voltage x Current = the power in Watts which is 75 Watts
as you

I can't comment on the Targus, but you should be aware these
charger/supply's are not just the standard transformer type unit,
like a wall
wart for example.

They are usually dedicated for each model because of the
battery types. They 'can be' a complex unit and are usually voltage
current limited, with electronic protection.

If you are going to try an
alternative unit then special attention
must be given to the voltage....and more
important the polarity of
the lead, that is the negative and positive
connection, other wise
the unit may be damaged.

I would prefer getting a
replacement for that specific model, so I
will leave other's to comment who has
first hand experience of this

Sometimes these power units can be
repaired,  one common fault is the
connector on the Laptop wants a re-solder,
they can break away from
the soldered joint on the PCB with the strain of
plugging and

A unit that can supply 15V and capable of supplying  5
Amps or 75
Watts or more should work.

To check the power unit why not connect a
12V lamp across the lead or
use a test meter.


Re: Toshiba AC adapter

All of the Toshiba laptops that use 15 volts will work from just about
any Toshiba 15-volt adapter.  I've run a 1415-S173 (the same computer as
your 1410 but with a different software bundle) from 2.7 amp adapters
(the adapter MAY overheat and shut down, but for short periods, or if
the actual load is low (you are not charging batteries, burning CDs or
powering anything external) you can get away with it.  I've run that
same model for long periods of time (days) with 4 amp adapters.  You are
focusing too much on the wrong thing (the overall power rating).  With
the laptop turned off and no battery installed, anything that can supply
15 volts at even a quarter amp should cause the power LED to come on.

You have a problem either on the motherboard or on the power connector
(on most Toshiba models this is on the motherboard, but on quite a few
it's a separate part, attached to the case and connected to the
motherboard with a 2-wire cable/plug).  Before you give up on this, I
would want to have the unit opened up and have someone look at the power
connections.  This could very easily be a 20-minute repair not requiring
any parts at all, just a touch with a soldering iron.

[Try applying sideways pressure to the connector in all different
directions to see if you can get the power light to come on.  Do this
with the computer off, you are just looking for a green power light.]

Contact me personally for more help.

Anne wrote:

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Re: Toshiba AC adapter

Thanks for the emails Barry.  I did manage to take the laptop down to the
power jack and could see nothing obviously wrong.  I am not knowledgeable
about testing the jack and/or motherboard as you suggested.  I called a few
local repair places to see if they would do the testing and then the repair
if waranted.  Two said there was no way to test without replacing the jack
first.  One refused to even diagnose since I had opened the case.  The rest
either shied away when they heard "power jack" or said "new motherboard =
new machine".

They don't make external battery chargers for this model or I would just get
one and let him run it that way.  I'll just sit on this for now.

Thanks again,

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Re: Toshiba AC adapter

Actually, they do make an external battery charger for your laptop, or
at least they did and they are at least theoretically available.

The 1405 uses a PA3107U battery, which is just a slightly higher
capacity version of the substantially identical PA2487U battery.

The 2487 has been made since 1995 and used in over 100 different Toshiba
laptops (and you can use a 2487 in the laptops that came with 3107's,
although life will be a bit shorter).  The 2487 is probably the most
common battery Toshiba ever made.  [No current models use it, as far as
I know, but it's been retired and resurrected several times.]

Anyway, there is (or was) an external 2-station (2-battery) stand-alone
charger for these batteries, it is the Toshiba model PA2488U.  I have
one here in my lap as I write this (want a photo?).  They can be found
on E-Bay, but prices are all over the map (I've seen them for $7, and
I've seen them for $80).  Sometimes you find them included with a laptop
and only if you read the text and look at the photos would you even know
that the charger is part of the auction.

Since you have the thing apart, try to find someone who is just a good
electronics technician.  They don't need to know anything about
computers.  An Amateur Radio Operator would be a good candidate, or a
truly knowledgeable electronics hobbyist.  At this point, it's a simple
DC electricity problem, not a computer problem (at least to determine if
power is even getting to the motherboard, and to fix it if it's not).
If you are close by (I'm in NE Ohio) I will look at it for you, no charge.

Anne wrote:

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