Toshiba A75-S206 Hangs--How to Reset?

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New Toshiba A75-S06 running XP Home, works great, but sometimes the
system "hangs."  No Blue Screen of Death, but won't respond to
ctrl-alt-del, or any other keystroke I've found.

So I'd turn it off, but it doesn't respond to the power switch either.

Look for the reset button.  Can't find one.

So I reset by unplugging and removing the battery.

Not a good way to do a hard reset, but it's happened often enough I'm
wondering if there's a reset key I'm missing or something else?

Up-to-date antivirus, no problems noted, no spyware shown during
ad-aware scans.


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Re: Toshiba A75-S206 Hangs--How to Reset?

Hold down the power button for 5 seconds (that's 5 "real" seconds,
"full" seconds).

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