Toshiba A45-S121 Video Issue

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When turned on, laptop video only shows on an attached monitor.  There is
half a second of what looks to be normal video throught the laptop display,
then it dims.  If I use the function key combo to switch the display, I can
see it on the monitor, but can only get a ghostly dark image on the laptop,
and the contrast button has no affect when the display is on the laptop

Is this a fixable problem?  Or maybe the better question is what causes this
behavior and is it worth fixing?  With the monitor attached, the laptop
functions.  It is unusable with just its display.

Any assitance / advice is greatly appreciated,


Re: Toshiba A45-S121 Video Issue

Sounds like a bad inverter or bad lamp in the LCD panel.  Yes, it is
fixable and worth fixing, unless you run into someone who wants to
replace the whole LCD panel when just the lamp is bad.  Getting parts --
either an inverter or a lamp -- is difficult.

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