toshiba a25 recovery cd question

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would anyone here be kind enough to confirm whether EITHER (or both) toshiba
a20 and a30 recovery CDs would function with my a25 model?  also, how many
such cds originally came with the a25?

many thanks
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Re: toshiba a25 recovery cd question

It's hard to say.  An A20 and an A25 are hardware identical, so if it
functions it's ok to use it.  But Toshiba, when they created the
recovery disc (it's probably a DVD rather than a CD) coded into the
startup code which computers that disc would be allowed to work with.
So the disc examines the model number of the computer on which is is
inserted (what it actually looks for is the "DMI String" in the BIOS)
and compares it to a list of models with which it is allowed to work,
and either works or doesn't.

All Toshiba models ending in "5" are hardware identical to the same
model ending in "0"; that is, a Satellite 4020 and a Satellite 4025 are
identical, and, in your case, an A20 and an A25 are identical (but an
A30 is different, truly different).  However, while the actual laptop
hardware is identical (allowing for differences reflected in the
"configuration suffix", normally starting with an "S" and 4 digits),
they had (or at least may have had) different sales channels,
warranties, and initial factory software loads (the "5" models have a
lot more "crapware" (factory installed software .... often useless,
however, and even in many cases derrogatory) than the "0" models).

I suspect that the recovery disc is a DVD rather than a CD, in which
case there would be only one.  I know that by the A40 series, Toshiba
had migrated all recovery discs to DVDs, but as late as 2002 some models
still had CDs, in which case there probably would have been more than
one.  Of course this is for the basic factory load, some applications
products (such as Microsoft Office) might have had their own backup CDs.

mako wrote:

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Re: toshiba a25 recovery cd question

wonderful info. thank you!
here is what happened.. I went through several toshiba laptops in my past
years... and made backup copies of the a20 and a30...  now bought a used a25
but seller misplaced his recovery cd(s).    so I just wanted to ask for this
piece of info before I go ahead and burn my .nrg images of the a20 (now at
least I know the a30 won't work)...

as for dvd vs CD.. well.. I am quite sure the a20 and a30 were on 2-3 cds
for each machine... so yes, I would suspect you are right that it's either 1
dvd or else 2-3 cds... whether it's the a20 or a25 or the a30.. and possibly
all of toshiba satellite models.

thanks again for your input... thanks to you I will not be at least bruning
the a30 cds...but I'll definiely give the a20 ones a try!


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