Toshiba A105-S4284 problem

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Hi all,

Has anyone else seen this before?

My Toshiba A105-S4284 doesn't play DVDs correctly. It seems to read the
data too slowly, with the result being clicks in the sound periodically
and occassionally lost frames. The only way around it is to rip the

Otherwise it mostly works OK, although just like a previous
(Celeron-based) Toshiba I owned, sometimes the internal fan makes a
khhht-pause-khht sound while spinning down.


Re: Toshiba A105-S4284 problem

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What do you mean by ripping the DVD? You copy it to the hard drive you
mean? If you open up the Task Manager, does it show 100% usage when the
problems occur? If so, you need more CPU power or you need to get rid of
some programs running in the background.


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