Toshiba 8100 Power-up problem

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I am hoping someone can help me with this problem (searched and
searched with Google ... nothing related).

The situation is:
1. Running on battery power (with a good battery - runs 2 1/2 hours)
2. Shutdown Laptop
3. Come back later.
4. Press power-on button, nothing happens.  (Also no lights come on if
I plug in the ac adapter either, not even the ac adaptor light.)

5. Remove and reinsert battery
6. Press power-on button and all is well.

It is an annoyance, every morning to get the machine started, I have
to remove and reinsert the battery.

So, somehow the computer seems to "loose contact" with the battery on
shutdown until I re-insert the battery.  

Strangely, if I reboot immediately, like within a minute or so, there
is no problem.  Similarly, as long as machine is on ac power  there is
no problem.  The problem only occurs under battery power.

Anybody run into this?  Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Toshiba 8100 Power-up problem

Griffin wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Looks to me like a problem in the battery control circuitry, either the
battery monitor chip if there is one, or on the mainboard, losing power
with no AC.  Perhaps Toshiba has a KB on this?


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