Toshiba 8000 -memory slots -question

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Everyone, thanks for your previous suggestions.

I still cannot run the laptop with either 64MB SDRAM Module in slot A.
Laptop does boot and run WIN98SE with 64MB Module in slot B.

Is it possible that this laptop needs a working RAM Module in slot B
before any RAM will work in
slot A?
A friend suggested about memory slots...........

---------- a friends thoughts---------
Hi Dave,

Ok on the RAM slot testing.  If the system booted on Slot B and not on
Slot A, then Slot B may be the low address with Slot A being the high
address.  If that's the case, then Slot B must have a good memory chip
before Slot A can be addressed.

Assuming the above to be correct, then your tests should follow the
order of booting on each chip set while in Slot B.  If the boot takes
place OK for both, then the second step would include alternating the
chip sets in Slot A while booting.

    I am a bit confused about if my Tecra 8000 can accept 64MB RAM in
either slot A or B
or if first 64 MB Module must be in slot A? Currently, never boots if
only slot A contains a 64MB Module. Does boot and run WIN98SE if slot B
contains a 64MB module.

Many thanks for all  your help.
Thanks, Dave_S

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