Toshiba 5205-S703, Power Light Comes On, But No Post

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I have a 3yr old Toshiba notebook (5205-S703) that suddenly died on me.
In the middle of a presentation, the system simply locked up hard and I
had to hold in the power button for 10 sec to power it down.  Since
then it will not power up.  The Power Light comes on, but the system
will not post and the screen, drives and wifi remain in a powered off
state.  I then have to hold the power button in for 8-10 seconds to
power it down again.  On very rare occasions, the backlight on the
mousepad might come on, and sometimes i even get the screen to come on
and try to paint the boot logo, but it has never completed a full post
since the day it seized.  I have had it apart looking for loose
connections, reseated all the cables, put the original OEM RAM back in,
reseated the hard drive, removed the 2nd drive from the style bay...
in short, everything I can think of to get the system to post.

The system board was replaced 3 1/2 months ago under warranty by
Toshiba for an unrelated issue (bad memory socket), but that was a
month before the warranty expired and now Toshiba simply tells me I am
out of luck and refuse to help me...  in fact, they were extremely rude
about the entire situation.

Does ANYBODY have any ideas for me to try?  I have run out of ideas
myself.  If not, I could also use some recommendations on credible
repair centers I could send it to.

Re: Toshiba 5205-S703, Power Light Comes On, But No Post

Well, it sounds like the system board has died.  And while they should
not have been rude about it, prevailing practice across all firms in all
industries is that a replacement under warranty does not extend the
warranty.  So if you replace a major part one day before the warranty
ends, and the replacement part dies 48 hours later, you are out of luck.
  Sometimes firms will offer a very short warranty (30 to 90 days,
usually) on the new part even if the original warranty had expired in
that interval.  But in your situation you are more than even 90 days
beyond the replacement, so, again, while they should certainly not have
been rude about it, you are dealing with a completely out-of-warranty
unit at this point.

The best options for you at this point are either to find a replacement
system board on E-Bay or to sell the unit "as-is" either whole or
"parted out". wrote:
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Re: Toshiba 5205-S703, Power Light Comes On, But No Post wrote:
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Try /.  He has a pretty good reputation around
usenet and I have gotten personally some good advice from their site.

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