Toshiba 1805-S254 RAM question

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Hello, I know this is an old computer...I've been having problems with
it since we bought it but somehow he hadn't sent it away.

It's a Pentium III, originally with 256 MB of RAM but gave
us free 256 MB more.

I always heard that Toshiba was a computer top maker, but since we got
this 1805-S254 it started to turn off whenever it wanted, no matter it
was plugged...they released a BIOS update a couple months later and it
worked fine. The performance never amazed me though.

then, a year ago the hard disk crashed. when the system was recovered
using the backup CD I noticed that video was no longer playing
smoothly, it stops every one or two seconds and I'm wondering if it's
RAM related (this also happens when scrolling a page, it won't go
smoothly). right-clicked on MY PC icon and checked properties, RAM was
496 MB instead of 512 MB, is that normal?

Could it be that one of the RAM chips is damaged? how could I know
what kind of RAM I can buy to update the system? I'd like to have 1 or
2 GB now in there at least.

Please advice.

thanks in advance.

Re: Toshiba 1805-S254 RAM question

Download memtest and run it.  The ram is standard, don't remember if
it's SDRAM or DDR.  You may not have properly setup the video with the
correct drivers after reinstalling Windows on the new hard drive.  That
machine is not, and will never be, a speed demon.  But it should be
stable and reliable.  It's also very likely that if it's never been
cleaned, your CPU heatsink is clogged with dust and the CPU is
overheating.  Cleaning this well requires a degree of disassembly. wrote:
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