Toshiba 1805-S204

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Toshiba 1805-S204 will not power up.  All factory.  No upgrades.
Locked up several times during various operations. (Web sites and Word
etc)  No new hardware has been installed.  For a while it would
reboot, but sometimes it would not reboot until I tapped on the
bottom.  When it would not reboot there was no display activity
either. Now it will not come on at all.  Power light comes on, but no
display or HD acivity.  If I let it sit for a while with the power
light on the cooling fan will begin to operate.  I removed HD still
nothing.  Removed RAM nothing.  Removed battery nothing.  

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Should I get any responce on the screen in a good computer if the RAM
is removed?  Just wondering if possible bad ram.

Thanks in advance to any replies.

Re: Toshiba 1805-S204

Gwoodliff wrote:
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The notebook will not boot without RAM or HD. Some notebooks will not
boot with a failed battery.  You should check Toshiba support (or user
manual) for advice on this.

Try cleaning off the RAM contacts with isopropyl alcohol and reinstall,
one chip at a time in each slot in sequence.  If there is a failed RAM
chip or slot you can (hopefully) identify it.  Reinsert the HD and
battery.  See if it will boot.  If it won't boot, then remove the HD and
connect it to a desktop (you might need an adapter) and run chkdsk /f on
the drive.  If there are errors on the drive, recover your files and
replace the drive.  It might have been that the drive spindle has seized
and the tapping released it enough to spin up.

Otherwise, it is likely a mainboard failure.


Re: Toshiba 1805-S204

Thanks,  It only has one memory chip, but two slots.  I cleaned
contacts and tried in each slot, so I do not think it is the slot.
Do you know if I would get the TOSHIBA welcome screen, or anything on
the screen with a bad RAM chip.  I get nothing now.  Thought I would
order a new RAM if it is a possible problem $40 as compared to $400
for a HB.  I did a chkdsk when the computer was still intermittent
and HD tested OK.

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