Toshiba 1100 starting probs help

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My Tosh 1100 will turn on, and sometimes it will do nothing, but will spin
up the cd and the hard drive light will come on for a second or two, but
with a black screen or sometimes it will show the Toshiba logo and lock up,
sometimes it will take 20 times of turning it on and off before the Toshiba
splash screen comes on, if I hit F2 when it does decide to come on, it goes
into the bios and then locks up, If I'm lucky to get it to start up with the
reformat cd in the drive, I can get it to start a new installation but will
lock up before it completes the installation, can anyone help me on this, I
really miss my laptop :-((((

Re: Toshiba 1100 starting probs help

Mick Stevens wrote:
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Hi Mick,
First, check that your laptop is clean of dust and debris and, if
needed, use compressed air to blow out the air intake and exhaust vents
and the rest of the interior and keyboard. Don't use a vaccuum. You can
get compressed air at local retailers such as Wal-Mart. Then, reset all
internal connections, including your hard drive, floppy or cd-rom or
dvd drive, battery, etc.
Start up the machine using AC power. You may even want to remove
the battery before-hand to eliminate it as the problem.
If you get a black screen here, you may have a deteriorating LCD
screen. If it appears to be attempting to load, but the screen remains
black without any sound or anything happening, you may have a short in
the LCD screen. Attempt to move the screen into another position and
see if the problem is corrected. If not, power off and attempt to power
up with the LCD in different position than first used. If you still
have the black screen continue to occur, even after moving the screen
around, without being able to load up to your OS at all, you may have a
bad motherboard or some other board related problem such as
overheating, etc. If you get the OS to load most of the time or even
just part of the time but still continue to have a problem with black
screens, you might want to look into a LCD repair or replacement.
However, you may find it more economical to buy a new laptop in the
long run. Prices on laptop lcd repair or replacements can be expensive
when compared to the lower prices of todays' new laptops.
You should definitely contact Toshiba tech support and also find
out if your machine is under warranty before doing anything. They
should be able to help you further. They may have a common problem with
that model. There may even be recall information on their website.
If you need more help on this or if you end up shopping for a new
laptop, we encourage you to visit our website at . You can find our contact
information on our site.
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