tiny notebook battery problem?

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Hi and thanks for reading this.
I brought my son a tiny E2400 notebook in november 2004, A few weeks ago the
battery/notebook was playing up saying that it was then not charging,
sitting at 63% charged, and now the thing wont run on battery at all, I went
to the shop where brought from today but was told "as you did not take out
the gold plus warranty for 79 quid plus 4.99 a month, you will have to call
the premium rate helpline at 1 a min"
thanks tiny/ the computer shop,
I called the customer services and was told that as i have unit for more
than 30 days I have to do the same.

So.... does anyone have any ideas to what is the main cause of the problem?
battery or notebook charging circuit?

thanks in advance and i can say that this is the last tiny pc i buy.

Re: tiny notebook battery problem?

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Never heard of "tiny" PCs, but if you only got a 30-day warranty I
hope you got a _really_ good price!

Can you buy another battery and return it within some short time
period if you don't like it (ie: it doesn't fix your problem)?

Re: tiny notebook battery problem?

Yeah, install the battery, take it back and rip off the next guy that gets
the charged and shelved unit.

We have another great idiot here again giving LioN a bad name to the
unsuspecting consumer.
     Pretty selfish Willy...    pretty selfish.

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Re: tiny notebook battery problem?

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 21:19:01 -0000, "Bob G0KYF"

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Usually it is the battery.

To help confirm this, check the voltage output where the
battery connects to the notebook.  It should be higher than
the battery voltage. Note - be careful not to short anything


Re: tiny notebook battery problem?

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Why not just call them and see what they say? There is a 6-month
warranty on the battery (same as they get from the manufacturer) and
12-months on the notebook. Either could be faulty. Ring them and see
what they say. You may get a new battery. I you leave it much longer
you wont. Dont just moan - try actually doing what they suggest

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