Thoughts on fixing older Thinkpad 240

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My Thinkpad 240 got some rough treatment going through TSA this week and
now the video acts like it has a short in it. If I press down on the left
side of the case (with the case flat on the table), the video will start
breaking up -- again like a buzzing short circuit.

Makes it really hard to type. I can prop up the under side of the left part
of the case with about two credit cards worth of plastic and the shorting
will go away. Everything else works fine.

Any suggestions on how a moderately handy DIY person might fix this? Or
what to look for? I like the laptop because it's dinky (10" screen) and
really light weight. Yeah it's old school stuff but I'd had to fork out the
$1k for something similar if I can get it up and running again.

Sven Golly
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