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I first read about ExpressCard, the "new" PC Card format,
a year or two ago.  I will need to replace my current laptop
in the near future and wondered whether ExpressCards will
start to come out.  Or is this a format languishing from
non-support and will die in the future...

Re: Thoughts on ExpressCard

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IIRC, Dell's latest low-end laptop, the Inspiron B120 comes with a
54mm ExpressCard.  Dunno if that helps or not, it'd certainly turn me
off at this point, as all of my PCMCIA cards and adapters would
instantly become obsolete.

I _think_ ExpressCard is (now?) based on a combination of USB and
PCI-X, or something like that...

Re: Thoughts on ExpressCard

"William P.N. Smith" wrote:

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Thanks for heads up.  When I last checked the Dell notebooks
I only looked at the higher end desktop-replacement models and
thereby never saw them.  Doing a search on their website I
see that there are about 4 low-end models that have Expresscards.

I also saw a complaint on the Dell website about someone being
surprised with their new laptop not having the PCMCIA card.
For me I currently only have a Network/Modem PC Card and
a Microdrive adapter so for me it's not a big deal.

You're right about it having a USB 2.0 & a PCI Express interface.
I would assume that this would make it easier for companies to
design cards since the interfaces are so ubiquitous.

I'm glad to see that they are starting to roll out but according to an
article I just found, broad acceptance won't be until 2nd half of 2007
with 2006 being a transition year.  I wonder how much longer
I'll  have to wait...

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