Thinkpad X21 Batteries

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question about batteries for the Thinkpad X21... Poking around, I have
found the following specifications for batteries that suppsedly work in
the X21 :

    14.4V 1700mAH
    10.8V 3600mAH
    10.8V 4000mAH
    10.8V 4400mAH

now, apparently the 10.8V version will not work with the X30 series,
while the 14.4V does. my X21 came with a 10.8V 3600mAH. is there a
definitive source of which of these really exist and what their FRUs
are ? Do the higher capacities batteries really exist ? the on-line
store does not specify the capacity of the battery they sell for the
X21, what are you likely to get ?

does anyone know for sure ?

Later, -ingo
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