thinkpad x20 display flickers, then dies

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Anyone got a clue here?

I have sometimes used this nice machine in a cold environment. No
problems, until a week ago, the backlight began to flicker, switching
between lowest and current brightness. So at the darkest setting, it
wasn't visible.

Another thing then happened:
I ran the laptop on a 12V car battery using an adapter for laptops. I
checked the voltage first. As I plugged it in, I think there was a
spark and it smelled a bit burnt in there. I thought it would be dead,
but it worked just fine.

A few days later when I just had rebooted, the display wouldn't come on
again! No logo, just black but with backlight. External screen works
fine. OS boots.

Switching screens (fn + F7) doesn't do it. I disassembled everything,
reconnected and checked everything - nothing.

I have not tried replacing the display since I don't have another
available. And no guarantee.

Thanks for your interest and any hints. Hoping I can replace something
cheap =).


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