Thinkpad T60 sound problem

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This is my first post, so apologies for  possibly sounding a bit
newbie-ish.  I'm having issues with the sound card (or so I assume) on
my Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad T60 (WinXP Pro, all updates installed, SoundMax
HD Audio).  I'm getting a sound rather like continuous playing of the
return groove on a record; when I hit 'Mute', it disappears, and it is
still present when I plug in external speakers.

The problem only started since I installed a 2GB module of RAM this
afternoon.  I'm wondering if anything I did during the installation
could have caused this problem, or perhaps the fact that there's more
RAM (sounds unlikely, but maybe?).  I took precautions against static
(earthing myself etc).

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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