Thinkpad T42p and multiple monitors

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I've got my T42P setup with an external monitor.  The external monitor is
setup as the primary and the laptop LCD screen is the secondary monitor.  I
can drag windows between the 2 just fine.

Problem is that the laptop insists on being set to the maximum resolution
of 1600x1200.  If it set it down to a more readable 1280x1024, I just get a
smaller desktop with black bars around it.

I've verified that HW display expansion is on in the BIOS (set it both
ways, didnt make a difference).  ATI Mobility Fire GL T2 driver version is

Re: Thinkpad T42p and multiple monitors

Tony Rice wrote:
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If you could view 1280x1024 (note, 5:4 aspect ratio) on a native
1600x1200 screen (ratio 4:3), it would be pretty badly interpolated.
Text would look pretty ugly. Personally, i think 1600x1200 is too much
for a 15inch screen unless you're doing image processing or diagrammatic
editing. You can fiddle with the DPI on your display settings to get
text looking decent, but a lot of apps will not work properly because
they break various windows coding conventions for using and accessing
menus and the like (you'll see what I mean if you try it).

It might help to update the video drivers, but I don't know if it'll
work for your problem (it is certainly necessary of you want to drive an
external LCD via DVI at greater than 1280x1024 pixels). IBM ships
cripple-ware versions of the ATI drivers on its laptops, so you need to
install the ATI Catalyst drivers, but in order to do so, you need to
modify them slightly. Fortunately, the works been done for you (and many
thanks to the guy that did it). Check out and follow the instructions, which
are pretty straight forward. It works perfectly.


Re: Thinkpad T42p and multiple monitors

plated metal wrote:
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Note, 1600x1200 is not "maximum" resolution, it is the NATIVE resolution
for that LCD. The issue is that 1280x1024 is a non-standard aspect ratio
and, as Peter already explained, it will make your desktop stretched and
ugly. You can play around with the Omega drivers (IBM's ones focus on
stability, not features), but I don't think you have a better choice
than the black border.

Re: Thinkpad T42p and multiple monitors

I've got it working with 1280x1024 on both the laptop LCD and the external
monitor and am able to drag windows back and forth.

The trick is to make the laptop LCD the #1 monitor and the external monitor
#2. This is done from Display Properties by clicking the advanced button on
the diplays tab, then clicking the 1 button under panel and the 2 button
under monitor).  Both have to be at the same resolution.

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