Thinkpad T42 headphone jack

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I have a Thinkpad T42 and I'm trying to figure out if there's any way I can
make the headphone jack remain enabled when it is in the docking station.

The headphone jack works fine when it is undocked, but when I dock it, the
headphone jack on the side seems to become disabled and the line out jack on
the docking station becomes enabled. I do not have the docking station
connected to amplified speakers and I would like to continue to use
headphones when the laptop is docked at my desk all day.

Unfortunately, line out is not the same as a headphone jack and the line out
signal level is not sufficient to drive headphones without amplification. So
either I invest in some hardware to amplify the line out or I find some way
of keeping the headphone jack enabled. Is there any setting in the BIOS or
some control panel that will let me do this?


Re: Thinkpad T42 headphone jack

In case anyone is interested: it seems that if the sound was on mute
when you put it in the docking station, even unmuting it will not
enable the headphone jack, but if it is not on mute when you dock it,
the headphone jack still works. Strange.

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