Thinkpad t30: keyboard/mouse anomalies

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A friend spilled liquid in her thinkpad t30. I took it apart and
cleaned the spillage.

Heres the problem:
It boots and the keyboard is active until XP setup loads the initial
files; after that the keyboard is dead. Powered down, went to CMOS, set
defaults, start XP load, after setup files copied - no keyboard.

Seemed like some sort of chip problem, so I decided to see what happens
if 98 is installed. Started loading 98, keyboard fine; however the
mouse buttons are not working. During the install of 98, when trying to
use the mouse to click next, back, ..., etc. no response.

I'm assuming the keyboard is bad; however, why would it not function
during the XP install? I would hate to order a keyboard and still have
the same problems.

Some suggestions please.

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