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I recently bought a ThinkPad T22 on ebay.  I am disappointed to find
that it does not have Windows or application keys on the keyboard. I
use the Windows key on my desktop computer all the time.  I use it
to call up the start menu and I use some of the keyboard shortcuts
built into Windows.  The shortcuts I use with the Windows key are
the Windows key with these keys: E D F and R.

Are all ThinkPads this way?  Are all laptop computers this way?

Is there a replacement internal keyboard I could buy that have these
keys?  Is there any way I can program the lower mouse button to work
as a Windows key?
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Re: ThinkPad T22 keyboard

IBM has a program that will allow you to reprogram some keys. I use the
right alt key for a windows key. I believe there are a few other
freeware programs that perform the same task also.

If you can't find the IBM program, let me know and I can email it to

Re: ThinkPad T22 keyboard

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Yes.  They don't like Microsoft, and are waiting for linux to take over.

Are all laptop computers this way?


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No.  IBM does not acknowledge that Windows is prevalent enough as to warrant
it's own key

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Maybe.  I use IBM's keyboard customiser utility, which maps it to the AltGr
key.  I've used it for a year without any conflicts so far.

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