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Alright guys, I have a couple of questions and I need some help.

1) For the past couple of days, my Thinkpad has been freezing and some
random blue screen that keeps saying that "Windows has encountered an
error and must restart." My fater and I have both encountered these
problems and I'm starting to get a little bummed about it. it also
restarts for no reason when you put pressure on the top and the bottom
of the machine. What's the problem with this and why is it doing it?

2) We're trying to locate the hard drive so we can make sure that it's
alright too. The only problem with this is we have no clue where the
hell it is located. Where is it located on the T21?

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I suggest you grab the 'Hardware Maintenance Manual' from IBM's web
site. It describes where everything is located, as well as how to
replace the parts. It can be downloaded directly from here:

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No one can tell you what the problem is, but anytime anyone brings in an
older laptop for service you want to check the CPU cooling system
(heatsink and fan), because after a while they get clogged with dust and
dirt and this causes overheating to the point that the CPU either shuts
down or no longer works right.  The fix is "blow out" the CPU cooling
system with compressed air (in some cases, this can be done from
outside, but the most thorough jobs require varying degrees of
disassembly).  This doesn't always fix the problem, but it's always a
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It is crucial to post the exact error text when attempting a diagnosis.


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