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I have a Thinkpad T20 that doesn't turn on. Pressing the ON button
causes a momentary flash of the HD and BATT lights and nothing more. On
a recommendation I replaced the CMOS battery. Same problem. I then
followed the advice of an IBM tech with whom I'd spoken, removed the
main and CMOS batteries, the hard  disk, the CD-ROM and the keyboard. I
then reinstalled the keyboard and plugged in the external power supply:
it booted up! I pressed F1 to enter Setup and after a delay the machine
reported that the hard disk couldn't be found. I powered down,
reinstalled the hard disk and, once again, the machine won't boot up;
just the momentary flash of the HD and BATT lights. I'm not sure what to
try next.

I gather that the system board in the T2x series has an unusually high
failure rate, and that these failures seem to revolve around
electrolytic capacitors. Does anyone know *which* particular capacitors
are the culprits and if they're surface mount? Or, in lieu of that,
where I can buy a system board relatively inexpensively? And perhaps
most importantly, is there anything else to try *before* buying a system
board. (I'd hate to discover after the fact that the new system board
doesn't solve the problem.)

Any advice will be appreciated.

Re: Thinkpad T20 Problem: ADDENDUM

rlichter wrote:
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ADDENDUM: Since posting the above, I tried reseating the CPU. The
machine went ON and, as above, BIOS reported no hard disk. I turned the
T20 off, inserted the HD, and it would not go ON again.

Re: Thinkpad T20 Problem: ADDENDUM

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Bad HD!


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Re: Thinkpad T20 Problem: Help

i have a T21 with the same problem and i replaced the HD and thats the
one i am using to write you right now!
                                       good luck

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