Thinkpad R40 hangups

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My Thinkpad R40 (2722-CDG) is only two years old and started last
thursday to have strange hang-ups. It just halts and does nothing until
I reboot. During the week this has been going on, the problem has got
worse: its hard to even boot it now before it freezes and even if it
does boot it only stays normal for a few minutes. At first (a week
ago) it would run for 2-10 minutes before freezing.

Freezing symptoms: nothing happens, but the screen, lights, HD etc
stay on. The cursor doesn't move, and no keyboard input is
received (can't shutdown from a console in *BSD/Linux).

I've tried all the things IBM suggests: removing peripherals and
waiting, then plugging everything in again. I've also updated the
embedded controller (took 5mins in Windows, glad it didn't freeze during
that). First I thought this could be a heat problem (cpu not connected
to the heatsink) but tools that show the temperature and tests after a
long time of cooling of show this is not the case.

Does anyone have experience with this kind of symptoms? Any suggestions?
Thankyou very much in advance. I'll be returning with any experiences I
have if something changes.


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Re: Thinkpad R40 hangups

my 5 year old r40 2723 has developed several problems over the years.   I
found it is best to replace the hard disk and do a factory install.  I had
Thinkpad protection for the first 4 years, and received a lot of help from
tech support.  I even sent it in a few times when I could not get it to
start or reinstall the oem software.  No hardware was ever changed, no
defective memory, no broken ports.  It has been on nearly continously since
I bought it.  When I upgraded to a new notebook, the unit now does movie
duty in a spare room.  It's worth maybe $400 on ebay, and my 2 gig's of
memory are worth most of that.  Music, movies and CNN pipeline.  Maybe
occasional other stuff.

I always use the 40 gig in the system.  Minimum data on the internal hd, and
I have an external hd plue wireless to my other notebooks and external hd's.
If the hd dies, little is lost.

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Re: Thinkpad R40 hangups

Sounds like memory problem to me, but it could be other things of course.
I suggest you try to change memory chip(s) if you can and see if it freezes

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