Thinkpad R30 Uncontrollable Beeping

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My IBM R30 (series 2565) is emmitting a constant "morse code" of beeps
through the headphones.  The internal speakers don't work, but the
headphone jack still does.

The beeps are three distinct beeps within the span of a second, then
they repeat after almost immediately.
They sound like normal computer startup beeps, but they repeat over and
over forever from system startup to shutdown - literally a few seconds
from pushing the power button to the computer finally shutting off, or
being shut off.  The volume of the beeps is normal, that is matching a
normal sound from other windows programs, from startup until the
Windows XP startup screen.  The the 3 beeps continue very faint but
easily distinuishable through the headphones.  If other sounds are
produced, these regular sounds come out normally, but the beeps still
go forever in the background.
Any idea how to stop the ringing in my ears?

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