Thinkpad question - numeric keypad access

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I just bought my first ever Thinkpad and I've looked everywhere for some
  clue on how to quickly access the numeric keys.  Every other laptop
I've owned (six Compaq's) let me use the FN key to tap out alt or
control key codes, but all I can find on the Thinkpad is that I have to
turn on NUMLOCK, do my keystroke, then turn numlock back off again.

Makes me wonder ... what were they thinking?  This laptop, though well
built, is loaded with unnecessary helper apps.  The FN key is there but
only works for those helper apps.  When I need to do something simple,
like hold down FnCtrl+ to auto-resize a window nothing happens. Instead
it requires three separate two-handed keystrokes.  Is there some secret?

Re: Thinkpad question - numeric keypad access

You left out the model.  did you look at the key next to print screen?  How
about the numbers on the j, k and l keys?

There are many thinkpad features that the docs will explain.  Have you
considered a usb ultranav keyboard for use at a desk?

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Re: Thinkpad question - numeric keypad access

Thank you Alexi for your reply.  Mine is the model R52.

Alexi wrote:
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The key next to print screen is the NUMLOCK key as was referenced
in my original post.  The keys on the right side of the keyboard
(j k l etc) are marked for their numeric couterparts.

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The docs say to hold the shift and press NUMLOCK to turn the numlock on
and off, as stated in my original post.  There is no mention of any
means to quickly access to the control and alt funtions of the numeric
keypad, as I have often used on every other laptop I've ever owned.

An outboard keyboard is probably what I'll end up using.  I was just
curious why IBM would overlook such an important and simple funtion
in their design.

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