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Hi all

I have an IBM Thinkpad R40 which my cousine bought 2nd hand, which had
multiple viruses and a POP password set, which we knew.

I re-loaded windows for my cousine, and at her request removed the POP
password.  As anyone who will answer this thread will know, this
leaves the time/date unset, and will send you into the BIOS on start
up.  My problem is this:

I was greeted (after removing POP) with a supervisor password prompt.
<enter> did not work and no-one knew the password.

So, after pulling my hair out for hours and hours i eventually found a
guy here in NZ with an EEPROM reader for this thinkpad.. so i sent it
up to him.


So why cant we get into BIOS? dont know... anyone out here heard of a
bios bug or something that could cause this? and how do i update the
BIOS if I cant even post? arrggghhhhh

Re: thinkpad - no supervisor password but...

Unicornsong wrote:
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there is a guy "Joe in Australia" who deals with these on a daily basis.
i suggest you leave him a message.
i think he charges us76.00 to recover crc error.  That should take care
of whatever password that may or may not be there.  you will have to rig
up  a keymaker yourself. "instructions are on his site".

Re: thinkpad - no supervisor password but...

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Yes, I can recommend him too. He helped me with similar probs on a T21.


Re: thinkpad - no supervisor password but...

Thanks guys.  I had known about Joe's service but really wanted to
avoid the circuitry project.  I ended up locating a guy here in New
Zealand only 2 hours drive away from where i am, who reads eeprom
passwords, and clears them.  In the end my problem was a corrupt eeprom
bin file, apparently there was no password set.. so he replaced the bin
file and viola... Im fixed for $150 NZ, which works out much the same
price and less hassle.

Thanks for taking the time anyway guys.

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