Thinkpad LCD won't display

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My Thinkpad T20 won't display. Occationally if I go back and forth
with the lid
I may get it to work. When it is bad, I can see an
ever-so-slight dim image on
the screen but I can't brighten it. If it
was a bad connection, how can I open
the laptop and reset the

Re: Thinkpad LCD won't display

Problem sounds like a bad cable from the lid to the base, and from your
description it's the cable to the inverter rather than to the LCD panel.
  What you want to open is the lid.  Look for screws in or near the
corners, perhaps covered by adhesive appliques or rubber feet, usually 2
or 4 screws.  Then the LCD bezel is usually held by plastic snaps, lots
of them (1 to 2 dozen, often).  Releasing the snaps without damage to
the plastic is an art that laptops technicians learn from practice.  A
good laptop tech can usually open the lid with no tools at all, but it
you have to use a tool, a plastic guitar pick will do a lot less damage
than a metal screwdriver.

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Re: Thinkpad LCD won't display

I have a similar problem on an A20p.  Also tried the lid movement, and it worked
It's more reliable to apply pressure on the body of the laptop, between the
keyboard and the screen.  
This needs to be done when the unit is booting.  At about the location
of the F10 or F11 keys, on the narrow strip between the last row of
keys and the screen.  That's were the ribbon cable originates and
passes through on an A20p.

I had the unit open several times to tighten the connections but it only lasts a
few days.  

Good luck

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