Thinkpad LCD Replacement

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I've got a Thinkpad A22m that has a bad display.  I've also got an A31
that is dead, but a working display (AFAIK).  I know the hinges won't
line up, but does anyone know if the LCD panels can be swapped?  I
don't care if the LCD is hinged to the laptop anymore.


Re: Thinkpad LCD Replacement

Probably not.

Your entire approach to this is wrong.  You don't change the lid, you
open the lid and change the LCD panels.  However, there are thousands,
probably tens of thousands of LCD panels, and they are
non-interchangeable.  Sometimes you can't even swap an LCD panel between
two computers of the exact same models .... the laptop makers sometimes
use different, incompatible LCD panels in different production runs of
the same model (this makes servicing really fun, too).

You have to open up the lid and find the LCD panel model, then either
locate a replacement of that exact same model or one that you know is an
exact replacement. wrote:

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Re: Thinkpad LCD Replacement

Barry Watzman wrote:
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Most of the above is exactly why one *would* just change out the lid.
ie: find a parts unit with a good display--maybe a victim of a liquid
spill--and pull the entire display off.

Easier than figuring out which display will fit, finding one and
installing it.  On most laptops it's easier to remove the lid than to
open it up.


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Re: Thinkpad LCD Replacement

Opening the lid is trivial; usually 2 screws and it opens (there is a
skill involved, which has to be leared, but an experienced laptop
technician can usually open a lid in under 1 minute.

Removing the lid, on the other hand, is often a 30-minute job, you often
have to completely disassemble the base, keyboard, upper base, etc., to
remove the hinges, which may be deeply tied into the structure of the
laptop (varies a lot from model to model).

jakdedert wrote:
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Re: Thinkpad LCD Replacement

Is the tft bad or just the backlight. If it is the backlight, this is a
relatively cheap spare part and easier to change.


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