thinkpad battery problem?

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A friend of ours has an ibm thinkpad. He leaves the battery in even
though he has the laptop plugged in to the ac. A few days ago the
computer got left on overnight (he usually turns it off after using it)
and in the morning the battery was dead, even though it was plugged in
to the ac. It took a long time to recharge the battery (after turning
the computer off). Now the computer is having alot of problems freezing
and programs not functioning right.

Any ideas what's wrong other than a virus, etc.?  Could the battery have
caused this? There are still problems when the battery is removed.

Re: thinkpad battery problem?

On Wed, 20 Jul 2005 11:34:30 -0400, *selah* wrote:

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You didn't mention what model of ThinkPad you are talking about, or its
age. I do remember that 600 Series ThinkPads had issues with short battery
life, I believe from overcharging. I had a 600E that suffered from this

As to the other issues, and even the battery for that matter, were there
any electrical surges in your area the night that this occurred?

Re: thinkpad battery problem?

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Not sure of the model at the moment but could a surge go through the ac
transformer adapter? I'll have to cheick on the weather that night. He's
also got a cable modem - don't know if it could get through that way.
Could the battery going dead have drawn too much current trying to
recharge and heated up things too much?

Do you know if there are any programs that could scan for damage to the
cpu or mainboard?


Re: thinkpad battery problem?

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The model is 1492. I think it says it's an "i" series.

I do remember that 600 Series ThinkPads had issues with short battery
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There weren't any surges that I know of (the weather was clear). There
were alot of fireworks - it was July 4.

Re: thinkpad battery problem?

*selah* wrote:

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Merely leaving the machine on charge overnight should not cause the problems
you describe.  Mine stay plugged in for weeks at a time and I never remove
the batteries and I've never seen behavior such as you describe.

Do the problems go away when the machine is running on battery with the
charger disconnected?   If so I would suspect that the charger has gone
south for some reason.

Contrary to popular belief, surges are not in general caused by weather,
they're caused by motors starting or stopping or other relatively
commonplace phenomena.

In fact surge suppressors specifically do _not_ protect against lightning
damage--if you read the fine print on those equipment-replacement
warranties that come with them you'll find lightning damage excluded.

You might want to shut the machine down, pull the battery, disconnect it
from the line, and let it sit for a couple of days, then start it back
up--I do not know _why_ this works but empirically sometimes it does.

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Re: thinkpad battery problem?

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I haven't been on this group for quite a while which is why I'm replying
so belatedly.

It seems there was a problem with some of the chargers for this model of
thinkpad. Seems some people had fires and others got their mainboards
burned out. IBM issued a recall on the chargers. One of the IBM techs
thought that the mainboard had probably burned out. I tested it with
"Dr. Dos" (version for this model) and it found nothing. The problem
still happens with the replacement charger/adapter.

I asked IBM if they would replace the mainboard since it seems to have
been burned out by their adapter. They said I could send it in, but if
the problem wasn't from a burned out mainboard, they would charge

I could get a used laptop with a faster cpu from that amount.

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