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I need to replace a battery in a Thinkpad 380

The existing battery is Ni-MH at 8.4 volts

I notice however that replacement Li-ion batteries for the 380 (which
I'd prefer) are listed as 10.8 volts.

Probably a dumb question but are these Li-ion batteries compatible?

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Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries are not interchangeable in any way.  Don't even
think about trying the Li-ion battery unless you can positively determine
that the machine is designed to use either type of battery.

Note that the Li-ion has a significantly higher voltage than the Ni-MH.  A
nominally 10.8 volt battery actually has a terminal voltage of 12.6 volts
when fully charged.

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M.I.5 wrote:
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Thanks for info - and doubly thanks for not pointing out it was a dumb

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