Thinkpad A21M Hibernation problem!!

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Hello Friends,
I am having an A21M-2628 G2U thinkpad laptop computer.It is 5 years old
and I bought is as an used computer 2 years back.It was working without
any problems till recently.of late I am also experiencing the
boot/power-on problems intermittently as reported by a number of people
in this forum and elsewhere.Short of replacing the systemboard I have
done whatever possible as advised in this forum.sometimes I am
lucky;otherwise not so lucky.I am facing one more problem from today.I
think I am to be blamed for this  which I feel is due to selecting
hibernate mode inadvertently in the power management option.I ticked
both the options to hibernate when the power switch is operated as well
as when the lcd lid is closed.This I think is a mistake,because with
the already existing trouble of power-on problem,now I can not press
the power switch to boot the computer,this will not allow the computer
to boot since pressing the power switch will cause it to go to
hybernation.please correct me if my assumption is wrong.or will it
start by following the techniques of removing main battery,power
adapter,pressing the power switch about 20 times and holding power
switch for 20 seconds etc.any suggestion and advice will be very much
appreciated.The OS is Windows 2000 service pack 4.also is there a way
to disable the hybernation mode set by me?Thanks a lot to everyone,

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