Thinkpad 770 new drive ?

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   Before I junque an old TP 770, if I buy a new hard drive will it
work without any old bios password or is the old password still
operative (e.g. is it somehow flashed into the bios or something or was
it on the old hard drive) ?

Re: Thinkpad 770 new drive ?

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It's on the BIOS.  It is possible to clear the BIOS, either through a
switch, jumper, or battery that probably requires some disassembly to
access, or perhaps a call to IBM for one of their secret password thingy's.

If that's too much trouble, you might want to try Ebay.


Re: Thinkpad 770 new drive ? wrote:

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The BIOS password is either flashed or more likely stored in CMOS.  Clear
the CMOS and it should go away.  IIRC the 770 has an auxiliary battery to
hold the CMOS settings while the main battery is changed--find that
battery, pull it, pull the main battery, and let it sit for a couple of
days and it should end up completely clear.

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