Thinkpad 760 EL

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I have an older IBM Thinkpad model 760EL laptop, I need to update my pc
module on my motorcycle, this laptop does not have any USB ports, this
is what I need, there are other ports on the back of this laptop, are
there any adapter cords so I can get this to connect to a USB port on my
motorcycle so I can update the software.



Re: Thinkpad 760 EL

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It has a PCMCIA port, so you should be able to find a PCMCIA USB adapter
pretty cheap. Check eBay.

Richard Carpenter

Re: Thinkpad 760 EL

Chet wrote:
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Memory's hazy now ... but ISTR this is one of the earlier 760x series -
yes ? I suspect it has only 16-bit PC card slots (analagous to ISA) -
which means you're SOL AFAIK. The "PCMCIA" -> USB are only for 32-bit
cardbus (analagous to PCI). Its a dead end wrt USB - at least without
major h/w hacking.

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