Thinkpad 600e vs 240X performqnce question

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I posted the following in Thinkpad group but got no response. Anyone
here can help?

"My TP600E (P2/366MHZ, 226MB RAM) is almost twice as fast as my 240X
(P3/500 MHz, 192MB RAM). Both ran XP, and I've tweaked the registry,
startup, and cleaned up spyware/adware/spamware using Spybot, AdAware,
and MS Anti-spyware beta. All task scheduling has been disabled.  Power
on both were set to Max performance option. HDs are same size and

Speed measurement: using stopwatch for measuring startup time of system
from total power off, wake up from hibernation, and launching MS Office

Anyone know what else I can do or way to speed up the 240X?"

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