ThinkPad 560X battery boot problem - help!

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Hi, I have an IBM 560X notebook, I just changed the battery and it's
charging well and holding the charge very well too but I have some
trouble booting it on battery power alone. This means it's not quite as

portable as it should be -- I'm tied to an AC outlet at least for

Here's what happens.

With the battery fully charged, I'm able to fully shut down (using the
Windows Shutdown from Start menu), and reboot, many times in
succession, on battery power alone. As long as I don't wait too long.
If I wait more than a few minutes (not sure how many... 5? 15? haven't
pinned it down) after shutting down, sliding the momentary contact
power switch to "on" doesn't do anything at all

Now, if I plug in the AC unit just for a second while booting up,
certainly not long enough to put any significant charge into the
battery, it will then boot up just fine. I'm talking really only one or

two seconds -- long enough for the hard
drive to spin up. Then even if I immediately pull the AC plug, it
continues to go through the rest of its bootup sequence just fine.

Once booted up, I can leave it running for few hours on battery,
without any heavy disc usage of course. It's just that pesky one
second right at the beginning of bootup where I seem to need more than
the battery alone

Has anybody else experienced something like this? What's the solution?

Thanks in advance,

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