Thinkpad 380D reinstall or ???

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i purchased two ibm thinkpad 380d i believe style 2635 from a corporate


they have win98 (not certain if se) and would like to "clean up the had

drive" as there are password/s, miscellaneous files i have no idea what

they are,etc. or how to remove them and have read differing articles
that ibm has certain things that must be removed before and/or
drivers/etc. to download.

how do i accomplish this?

is there a "system restore" to put it in the factory condition when

do i format c:\?

i do not have any disks for the laptops and would i simply format and
then put my win 95 upgrade cd or my win98se upgrade cd?

what is the easiest way to clean out these laptops without destroying
some files/etc. that i should not?

i am somewhat of a novice with computers but follow detailed directions

very well!

thank you in advance,

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