Thinkpad 1400 continuos reboot problem

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i have a Thinkpad 1400 series (Type 2621-489).
The problem is that when I push the power button the laptop start to
work and load the operationg system (i have tried with win xp pro and
linux suse 9.3. The result is the same) but   at a random time the
laptop reboots.
This time isn't always the same. Sometimes it reboots after some
seconds (when is loading the s.o) and sometimes it reboots when i'm
working with some application.

Can someone help me? Thanks


Re: Thinkpad 1400 continuos reboot problem

While logged on as Administrator, go to: Start > Control Panel > System
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to Automatically restart.  This will prevent Windows from rebooting
automatically on an error.  Hopefully from the error screen you can get some
information to help you troubleshoot your problem.

Re: Thinkpad 1400 continuos reboot problem

Read quoted text under my message above.  I am not sure how my message
got broken up.

Re: Thinkpad 1400 continuos reboot problem

__/ [White Bear] on Sunday 11 December 2005 18:41 \__

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Is  it possibly a power failure? This sounds like a hardware-related issue
if you have tried both SuSE and Windows XP. What is an s.o? is it anything
like  BIOS  or the bootloader? Is there any pattern you can identify?  For
example,  is  there any application that causes this to happen  more  fre-
quently? Does it happen when the CPU is working at its full capacity?


PS - Try replacing the battery or see if an engineer can identify the

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Re: Thinkpad 1400 continuos reboot problem

sorry. an s.o. is a operating system (s.o. is in italian).
i think that can be an hardware related error too.
In fact the power plug inserted into the laptop sometimes don't
recharge the battery.
But... 2 or 3 times this reboot is happened with the battery supply
(without external supply).

There aren't critical applications... it reboots also when idle.


Re: Thinkpad 1400 continuos reboot problem

On 11 Dec 2005 13:46:07 -0800, "White Bear"

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GomJabbar's suggestion to turn off the automatic reboot is a good one.
It may give a clue as to the cause of the error. I would suspect a
memory error. Try running a memory test program like memtest86. Also
try swapping RAM modules or running with just one module at a time (if
you have two).

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