Thin and Light. Screen Size and CPU Speed

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I am still hunting for a thin and light notebook (less than 3.5 pounds
and less than 2" thick) and I am wondering whether I should hold buying
1. Is there any chance that people would be able to make a notebook
with a large screen size of 15.4" but weigh less than 3.5 pounds? As
far as I know, the closest for that requirement is Panasonic Y4 with
14.1" screen and weigh 3.37 pounds.
2. Does thin and light notebook always require an Ultra Low Voltage or
a Low Voltage CPU? The fastest Low Voltage CPU right now is Intel
Pentium M Processor 778 which runs at 1.6 GHz. I wish they can make a
faster one.
3. Is there any chance that Intel would be able to make 2.1 GHz CPU
this year with very low power requirement and therefore enable PC
manufacturer to put it in a thin and light notebook? The fastest thin
and light notebook that I know of is again the Panasonic Y4 runs at 1.6
GHz. If only they can make it at 2.1 GHz.


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