there is a gap in my laptop near the cdrw?

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I just bought parts for a laptop, put it together, and it seems to work

however, there is gap/hole right next to my optical drive (cdrw) and
it's supposed to be for a bluetooth module (I think) but I don't have
one. inside this hole is a USB port but it's fairly deep. this is not a
hole as in damaged, but it was put there purposely

this is 1) ugly and 2) allows dust to get in the laptop so I don't want

was I supposed to get something to fill it in? should I just buy a
bluetooth module? I looked a bit for one on newegg bet there didn't seem
to be one for laptops that fit in that slot. I don't know what the slot
is called

the chassis is a uniwill 245ii0 and the cdrw/dvd is a lite on LSC-24082K

any advice would be appreciated. thanks

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