The Other Side of a Targus Power Tip

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I got a 70 watt Targus "universal" auto/air power adapter a few years
ago.  It was "universal" until Targus decided to deny it ever existed
by eliminating it from their powertip configuration tool.  Mine is a
PA350.  If I look-up a tip that I got with my PA350, they only show
PA179U PA185U PA187U PA360U PA379U PA380U PAPWR200U PAPWR300U.  So I
ended-up with the wrong tip.  It's got the different connector... the
one that goes with the  APA10US, APD10US and APM10US line.  It looks
like this
.  It seems that the Targus site doesn't show the other end of the
power tip, so if someone wanted to put these royalty free picture on
their web site, great.  The power tip number 7 that came with my PA350
has a connector shaped like this:


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