The Ideal Road Warrior Utility Belt - Update Q3-2005

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Forgive me if I missed it, but I couldn't find a recent road-warrior
posting and I was wondering if anyone had a view on the contents of the
latest and best road-warrior utility belt....

As a small business global technology consultant (with a team), I need
to visit customer sites for a couple of months at a time, but I am not
officially allowed to connect my laptop to their networks (or use
software such as MSN) - so I want to stay connected where possible on
my London head-office network through a VPN from my own laptop
independantly instead.

WiFi only seems to work in hotspots - would it work on the 17th floor
of the office, or in the 26th floor of the remote apartment/hotel room?

Laptop cards don't give me voice - but then could I use a Skype
telephone to solve this? But then - where am I calling - London or a
local number?... and what's the connection speed?

What can 3G do now?... can I have a 3G telephone bluetooth connectivity
into my laptop to give me the internet? Does it work in the UK, US,
Ireland, Europe, etc?. Again - what's the connection speed?

Then - if/when that's all done - can my team wireless into a single
laptop/point or do we ALL need these tools (and at what cost)?

Blackberries seem the business standard these days - but I need more
than just emails and calendar - I need access to my office repositories
and file-systems... and I don't want to be blocked by the network
proxies or watched by their network admin.

Am I asking this 10 years too early?
Any thoughts?

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