The end of Windows Vista?

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Just installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my HP Laptop, mmmm tasty and works just

Found and installed everything except my finger scanner, I think I can live
with that for now.



Re: The end of Windows Vista?

Somewhere on teh intarwebs "PeteD" typed:
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Handy to know Pete, thanks. I saw that it was free (time-limited) for
download a wee while ago as was tempted.... I should have got it maybe. I'm
fully intending to give Vista the big miss, still using XP Pro.


Re: The end of Windows Vista?

~misfit~ wrote:
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What the point of a free 'time-limited' operating system? The least M$
could do is give a free release version to beta testers - that is normal

Personally I will not be downloading it. Solaris is free (not time
limited) and workst both on my desktop and laptop. But I agreee XP pro
is better than Vista. Not as flashy, but quicker and less hassle than Vista.

Re: The end of Windows Vista?

The unknown warrior typed on Thu, 15 Jan 2009 00:48:08 +0000:
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Yeah well I guess the days of becoming a millionaire working for Microsoft
is over. Things are tight right now and I guess you now how to pay
something. I know I did back in the days of OS/2 then owned by IBM. Well it
was free until the release version anyway in the 90's. Then to continue
using it, you had to pay. I did, but I cheated and used the drivers in the
beta that actually worked. Why IBM changed the drivers that was working fine
in the released version, lord only knows? Then to call the updates as
Fixpacs was another winner. Most of them broke more than they fixed anyway.

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I remember Solaris! Although man doesn't live on Solaris alone. Although
most of us don't anyway.

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