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I recently found myself essentially forced into buying an LDC monitor
for my desktop. Now I am looking at buying a new laptop but I have a
question regarding the screen resolution options of TFT LCD screens...

With my desktop LCD panel the screen looked awful at anything besides
the recommended resolution (in my case 1680 x 1050). This is my first
experience with an LCD panel, so I could easily be missing something,
but it seems that unlike my CRT, I no longer have options regarding
the resolution I view at if I want the screen to be anything close to
usable. For example, le't say I am designing software to be used by
people with mostly 1024x768 resolutions. In that situation I will want
to experience the GUI in the target resolution to ensure everything is
as it was intended. Aside from the possibility of messing up desktop
icons, this was a breeze with my CRT. No so with my LCD.

During my research of laptops I have been looking at 15.4" models with
WSXGA+ screens capable of the same 1680 x 1050 resolution as my
desktop. I thought this may be useful when I VNC into my main machine
from elsewhere, however does that really mean I will HAVE to have it
set to that 1680 x 1050 resolution at all times? On a 15.4" screen I
think this could potentially be very hard on the eyes when reading

Maybe it is just the aspect ratio of the other screen resolutions that
makes them appear less than perfect? For example, for my 1680 x 1050
22" Samsung, if I wanted to use a 1280 x ABC resolution, ABC should
really be 800 to maintain the same aspect ratio, whereas normally it
would be 1024 on most video card settings.

Is there a way around this or is it just a fact of life with LCD

Thanks for any info.

Re: TFT Screen Resolutions

Re: "With my desktop LCD panel the screen looked awful at anything
besides the recommended resolution (in my case 1680 x 1050)"

That's normal and expected; LCD screens should only be run at their
native resolution.  ALL LCD screens, desktop or laptop.

Note:  Windows can change the "size" of things (everything) without
changing the resolution.  If things are "too small", change the DPI
setting in Windows, NOT the resolution.

LCD panels have physical pixels.  CRTs do not. wrote:
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Re: TFT Screen Resolutions

On Sep 9, 2:27 pm, wrote:

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Learn to love the term "native resolution." It will be a fact of your
life for... well, possibly the rest of it. Unlike CRTs, LCD, plasma,
DLP, and all the other new display technologies are "fixed pixel"
displays, and they look best (arguably, they only look good at all)
when fed a signal that exactly matches their native resolution. The
aspect ratio is implicit in the resolution spec (that is, if the ratio
of width to height is 16:9 or 16:10, it's widescreen).

In Windows, there are ways to adjust if the native resolution makes
everything too small, basically by making desktop objects and fonts
take up more pixels. Do this in Display Properties/Appearance/
Advanced, where you can change the font sizes for Windows elements,
the icon spacing, the size of scroll bars, etc. Or, In Display
Properties/Settings/Advanced, change the dpi setting to something
larger than normal. The latter approach can cause problems with some
applications (particularly games) that generate custom fonts on the
fly and them overlay them onto fixed templates.

All this is why more resolution is not always better; sometimes a
larger monitor with lower native resolution (if you can find one) is
ideal for everyday use.


Re: TFT Screen Resolutions

rdclark and Barry, thanks for your replies.

Unfortunately I wasn't as up to speed with the hidden truths of LCD
panels when I bought the monitor as I am now. I am mostly happy with
my Samsung, though I still have a week left to exchange it if I decide
to go for something with a smaller 'native' resolution. At the moment
I'm not seriously considering that however I am so glad I learned what
I have so far, for I am currently shopping around for a laptop and
before I learned about the wonderful limitations of native resolutions
I was considering a WSXGA+ 15.4" screen. I mean can you imagine the
same 1680 x 1050 resolution as I have on my 22" monitor on a 15.4"
one!! I guess I would have to see it to form a fair opinion, but it
certainly doesn't sound like a recipe for something that would be easy
on the eye.

Re: TFT Screen Resolutions

I have 1600 x 1200 on a 4:3 15" laptop screen and it is quite usable. My PC
has an 18" LCD monitor at 1280 x 1024 and its fine too.

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