Test pins Compaq1600 Need to test output for battery volts

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Some one please help--I  have an old laptop i use just to surf. Compaq
1600 now I know some of the older laptops do not work unless theres a
battery in
them - ""I guess a working one. "" Im
looking to test the pins on the circuit
board to see if Im getting
voltage with a meter. ( AKA to see if my battery is
dead )  I dont
get anything on the test light on my battery . I want to make
the charging circuit is working before i get a battery  this thing is
worth putting money into unless its the battery is the problem.  
I guess the
circuit board could be bad aswell. But want some input

Please advise what pins
to test toor where some where else maybe
testing points  ,,,what readings I
should get???????

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