Tecra 8000 Laptop running 24/7 as Mail Server

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I want to use a Tecra 8000 as a web and mail server, I was wondering if
anyone has used a Tecra 8000 as a server platform.

I would be using Windows 2000 Server as the O/S as the laptop would
chug with anything else.

If they have what precautions did they take to make sure the thing did
not blow up due to over heating, and if they had any suggestions for
mail software and web site software that is easy to use/configure


Chris aka BoobBoo

Re: Tecra 8000 Laptop running 24/7 as Mail Server

On 31 Dec 2005 18:04:25 -0800, chris.kernaghan@gmail.com wrote:

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Sort of long in the tooth for that duty.  I'd try to get ahold of a
manual and an extra fan if I needed reliability in a machine that old.
Better yet, keep an eye out for a similar-speed desktop being thrown
out; that along with a kvm would make something you could work on
easier and it would take up very little extra space.

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