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Does anyone have a list of the Targus power tips for their AC and
auto/air adapters and the voltages that each tip puts out?  I'm trying
to find a tip that will work with a Toshiba A105 laptop, and Targus does
not list one.  The laptop needs 19 volts, and there are a lot of tips
that supply 19 volts, but I don't have any kind of cross reference and
Targus acts like I am trying to get national security information.

[I'm an engineer and I am aware of all of the potential issues.  But
bottom line, in this case the power supply is a simple coaxial 2-wire
connector, and anything that puts out 19 volts at 3-4 amps, which is
well within the range of the Targus adapters, will run the laptop.]

[However, I have a number of tips, and voltage aside, none of them
physically fits, either.]

Re: Targus Power Adapters - question

Barry Watzman wrote:

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No help, but I'd be interested in such a list as well.  Just ordered a
Dell Inspiron 700m, and have several Taurgus adapters (2 AC, 1 DC) and
they won't list any tips for their older model adapters - I get the same


Re: Targus Power Adapters - question (& partial answer)

Ok, I have multiple Targus power supplies and over a dozen tips, so I
decided to do some testing.

Tip #24 [with one caveat, see below] will power the Toshiba Satellite
A105 (nominally the A105-S2712 takes 19 volts at up to 3.42 amps).

This also suggests that tip #24 will work with the A80, A85, L10, L15,
L20, L25, M30X, M35X, M40-S312TD, M45-S165 , M45-S165X, M55-S139,
M55-S139X, Tecra L2 and Tecra M2, since they all use the same Toshiba AC
power supply (PA3467U).  [and it is therefore very likely that it will
work with additional models that use a different power supply but the
same voltage]

The measured voltage under an admittedly low dummy load (a 100 ohm
10-watt resistor) was 19.2 to 19.3 volts, 1% to 2% high and well within
any reasonable tolerance.  The voltage would probably drop a tad under
the much larger full load of the laptop, but a 100 ohm load will draw
200ma, which should be enough to bring the power supply into proper full
regulation mode.  [And if anyone is wondering, yes, after my testing I
actually did run the laptop itself from the #24 tip with no problems,
but I cannot easily measure the voltage while the laptop is running.]

Now one caveat:  I have two #24 tips, and they don't both physically fit
the computer's power input socket well.  One fits "perfectly", the other
one is VERY tight (so tight that I initially concluded that it didn't
fit, but if you press hard, it can be put on and taken off).  The
physical difference in these two tips is in the diameter of the center
hole (for the center pin), and the difference is truly miniscue,
probably 2 or 3 thousandths of an inch, but it's enough to significantly
change the quality of the fit.  Since the electrical contact itself is a
spring, a careful enlarging of the hole (which is plastic) might improve
the fit enough to make it more comfortable.  This could possibly be done
with a round file or a small drill bit.

By the way, FWIW, the #7 tip also fits physically but it's output
voltage is much lower (about 16.4 volts), so it's not a candidate for
this laptop.

Joe D wrote:

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Re: Targus Power Adapters - question

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Sounds like you'll have to make your own.  AFAICT it's a couple of
programming resistors in the plug that set the voltage and current
limit, so it's theoretically pretty simple to lash something up.

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No-one can or will make Dell laptop adapters except Dell (and the Dell
branded auto/air(?) adapter by Targus(?)), as the Dell connector is a
three-pin special, and there's a communication between the power
supply and the computer that has to be just righ in order for the
battery to charge.

Re: Targus Power Adapters - question

Although I could be wrong, I believe that the Targus adapters only have
a voltage setting, and have no current limiting beyond the "ultimate"
limit imposed by the supply itself.

Anyway, I posted a table of voltages for most of the available tips.

William P.N. Smith wrote:
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Re: Targus Power Adapters - question

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Somehow I had misremembered that since there were four connectors on
the cable, that there were separate programming resistors for current
and voltage, but my DVM doesn't show that to be the case.

If only they'd make a breakout box...  Oh well, life's too short, I
spent way too much time begging them to make an adapter for
<whatever>, and they seemed to have zero interest.  I mean, this iPod
thing is just a flash in the pan, right?  8*}

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